Solpadeine Addiction


How I got off Solpadeine after nearly 25 years hooked


On March 2nd 1983 at the age of 35, a cerebral aneurysm ruptured in my brain, resulting in a sub-arachnoid haemorrhage.  My life was saved by a skilled surgeon, however a massive infection developed in my head and I very nearly died.  The pain was intense and only one pain-killer was allowed – codeine.

I suppose it is not surprising that I developed an addiction to codeine that manifested in the habit of taking 6-8 Solpadeine every day of my life, plus Syndol at night for sleep (which also contains codeine).   For those unfamiliar with Solpadeine, they are an over the counter pain remedy whose active ingredients per tablet are: 500mg Paracetamol, Codeine Phosphate Hemihydrate 8mg and Caffeine 30mg.  I should know, I took them for nearly 25 years, and couldn’t stop.

Of course the headaches I kept getting were ‘rebound headaches’, but as long as I took Solpadeine I was able to function as a ‘normal person’.  Indeed, on Solpadeine I was able to go on business trips abroad feeling ill because, in addition to masking pain, Solpadeine gives the body such a lift – but at a price.

Of course I wanted to be free of this addiction as it was playing havoc with my stomach and liver, so I went to see several different GPs.  I remember one just laughing at me as though all it took to be free was a little will-power.  The most common reaction however was a look of completely bewilderment.  I soon discovered that the medical profession has very little to offer in such cases.  I also confided in many different pharmacists who like automatons said, ‘have you spoken to your GP?’  The most enlightened health professionals I spoke to suggested it would take 6 months to be free, assuming I was able to reduce my intake.  But as anyone hooked on codeine will tell you, no matter how strong your willpower, coming off it even slowly is a long and hideous process usually ending in failure…

Then, by good fortune, I was introduced to Brain State Technologies (BST) and specifically David and Mariel Flannagan who run a clinic called Life’s Palett on the Isle of Wight that offers BST, amongst other great treatments .  On my first day of treatment, with no coercing, I was able to reduce my usage to 5 tablets, on my second day down to the 3 tablets, on the third day 1½, the fourth ¾ and by the fifth day to zero.  I have not taken any Solpadeine since.  This required discipline and determination on my part, rather than willpower, and would have been impossible for me without the help of BST.

The results of my treatment at Life’s Palett have been nothing short of miraculous.  I am not only free of my addiction but am sleeping properly for the first time in many years and have a renewed sense of excitement and optimism about my health specifically and life generally.  If you are reading this and have visited the Life’s Palett or Brain State Technologies website, I am here to attest that Brain State Technologies does everything it claims to do.  I will also state that David and Mariel are two of the most dedicated, caring and committed people that I have ever met and I am completely indebted to them.