Brain State Technologies Online Referral Program

Earn revenue by promoting The Leading System for Brainwave Optimization with Real Time Balancing.

Why Join Our Referral Program?
You are invited to partner with Brain State Technologies®, and earn revenue by promoting our services. Each time you send us a qualified Client or Provider lead, we will pay you a referral fee. Our program offers innovative banner creative, emails, and other advertising messaging that you may use for promoting.

How Much Does It Cost?
The BST Referral Program is FREE to join. There is no application or set-up fee and no ongoing costs. All you have to do is register online (below), and begin by gaining access to our Referrer Partner Center.

How Does It Work?
BST will provide various approved banners, text links, and emails. All you need to do is to choose which of these creatives you want to use, and then add them into your website or somewhere online. It's that simple.

How Are My Earnings Generated?
Depending on the program you are approved for, as a Referral Partner, you earn fees on a Per-Lead basis and in some cases, commissions on sales. A Lead is generated when a visitor clicks through and completes an online form. A new qualified Client or Provider lead will earn you a commission, and for certain affiliate programs, we may also pay you a commission on qualified transactions.  Once you are approved for an affiliate program, the details of that program will be provided to you.

How Are My Leads Tracked?
All Referrer Links contain your unique Referrer ID. When a visitor clicks, the Referrer ID determines exactly where the lead came from and then it is credited to your account.  Visitors will be tracked by IP address and through “cookies”, so you will earn fees even if they do not fill out a form right away.  Our program will track that lead indefinitely and will always give credit to the “first referring” affiliate.

How Do I Get Paid?
At the start of each calendar quarter, your fee balance for the previous quarter will be confirmed; then payment is processed within 30 days of the end of the quarter. Example – fees earned in January, February, and March will be confirmed in March and then paid out by the end of the month. A minimum amount of $100 (threshold) must be reached before a payment will be processed. Any unpaid balances will continue to roll over into the following quarter. All payments are made in US Dollars (USD), and are paid by Check or via PayPal.

Is Reporting Available?

All Referrers have access to their Performance and Payment reports within their Referrer Partner Center. The Performance Report provides information about visitors, leads, and fees earned. The Payment Report provides complete details of all payments.

What If I Need Help?
You can contact our support team any time if you require any assistance. They can be reached by using the Contact Us form on our website or by calling us at (480) 588-6840.

Who Is Eligible?
While there is no cost to becoming a Referrer, we do review each application carefully. And we reserve the right to reject any leads and/or remove any Referrers at any time for any reason.

How Do I Apply?
To join the BST Referral Program, all you need to do is fill out the registration form (below). Then you will receive a confirmation email with your login, password, and “get started” instructions.



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