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The original meaning of education was to lead out the expression which is within someone. What a concept.

Historically, we have sought to improve educational outcomes by identifying underachievers, diagnosing their “issues”, and devising treatments that will lead them to a correct way of thinking and learning. Could it be, however, that education enhancement has nothing to do with diagnosing the underachiever? Haven’t a great many people in history been “underachievers” in school? And haven’t many of these “underachievers” found their own way to great success?

Could it be that education enhancement has nothing to do with pharmaceutically stimulating those students diagnosed as Attention Deficit? Haven’t we yet realized that these stimulants differ little from popular street drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine? Does it not seem likely that only with their time-release to distinguish them, such pharmaceutical drugs, when used during teen years, may result in substance abuse in the population using them?

Are we convinced that a curriculum change will actually enhance education? Are we convinced that smaller class rooms will enhance it, that achievement tests will enhance it? Will “Common Core” enhance education in the U.S.? Really?

The fact is that while we don’t know for sure, the data simply doesn’t support it. What we do know is that options are power. We also know that options are distracting.

The process of education 50 years ago had nothing close to the number of possibilities competing for the time and attention of our youth as we now have in 2014. These many options competing for the focus of youth are themselves distracting for education professionals seeking to lead out the expression which is within the students.

How does one create a stable foundation for learning when there are so many competing demands on the attention of our youth?

It is time we understand that the many options presented to youth in this age require new work for understanding that stability happens through change – through allostasis. Further, this new understanding should lead us to methods that support the brain’s ability to adapt, to change on its own terms, and that such methods are fundamental and needful before any kind of curriculum is considered for an individual student. Brain plasticity and adaptability to support healthy human development are at the core of enhanced education. And now, in our technically advanced world, we can start using technology to support the brain in this process.

I hope you won’t merely believe that this is a possibility, but instead I hope you will challenge my understanding and bring your student for Brainwave Optimization® and then see for yourself. I know and believe the power of our brain is hugely greater than we give it credit for when we support it. Lead out the expression which is within it – and be amazed.

Join Lee Gerdes and Dr. Sung Lee of Brain State Technologies on Wednesday, November 12, at 12:00pm MST for a live Brain Talk webinar on How Brainwave Optimization® can support superior academic performance. 


The Research Domain Criteria (RDoC) of the NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health) presents Positive and Negative Valence ideas for research and consideration. This is also a helpful way to consider overall wellbeing.

When one thinks about “valence” in positive and negative senses, it may be helpful to think about the positive and negative sides of overall wellbeing. The positive valence side is made up of positive states of satisfaction, contentment, and relaxation, while the negative valence side is made up of states of suffering, distress, sadness, or anger. To see these exact states of wellbeing  and positive or negative valence change in a human being in a short time (1 hour to 3 weeks generally) is amazing, and it’s amazing to see such dramatic shifts happen coincidentally with shifts in brain patterns and rhythms, while life situations remain relatively constant.

I’m convinced that the key to wellbeing as the key to positive valence is in the brain rhythms and not simply situational. I’m convinced that when I realize these brain rhythms are driving my perception of my own wellbeing in the moment, and the situation I find myself in at that moment is only a temporary state, my personal power, confidence, and overall wellbeing are as great as they can be.

As the world studies and better understands what the NIMH is encouraging in their effort to seek RDoC research, I’m also convinced that the world will be a better place; We humans won’t be as apt to react in ways disproportionate to a situation and we will endeavor as individuals and collectively toward a greater sense of wellbeing—a positive valence—driven by a balanced brain.

It is important for us all to respect and honor this brain power.


The Inside-Out Journey to Wellbeing

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Lee Gerdes, Brain State TechnologiesThe world at large pays homage to a medical model which is totally invested in diagnosis and intervention to affect change. The Brainwave Optimization® world, by contrast, is totally invested in deep states of relaxation that allow the brain itself to reset, and consequently the downstream manifestations of the brain in physical, psychological, social, and spiritual areas to be reset for the greater good of the client and for those with whom the client relates.

It works. 

Brain State Technologies® collects and anonymously catalogues brain data from every client, all over the world, who experiences Brainwave Optimization® sessions. This data warehouse now stores the brain data of over 60,000 clients. This extensive and ever-growing pool of data allows us to continue to learn and recognize different patterns of brain imbalance and how these unbalanced patterns manifest for the life compromises clients face. We’ve used this data to hone our algorithms for brain balance and harmony. Never have we used the data to diagnose, heal, treat, or cure anyone. That’s neither what we do nor what we intend. We view the brain pattern as observers only, not as diagnosticians or healers. This is a tremendously important point which is fundamental to Brainwave Optimization®. 

You and I are made to heal ourselves of many issues, if/when we can find a path to help the brain balance itself. 

If you are someone whose life has been compromised somehow, please know you have more power and potential in yourself and through yourself than you may have ever imagined. The times when we face issues and barriers that compromise the quality of our lives may be the only times we can see how resilient we really are as individuals. These problems may be the only times we find ourselves to be courageous and filled with hope. Don’t give up. Stand as tall as you can against the adversarial wind blowing against you in life. Your wellbeing is an inside-out journey and not simply dependent on someone or something on the outside to affect change.

There was a time when I believed that hope was something for those who didn’t have the persistence to make something happen. Now I understand the world differently. I now see hope as the result of having the courage to wait for it to arrive. I now realize that hope only manifests after a state of hopelessness which only those who face it can understand. 

I hope I’m growing wiser as I grow older – some would argue that, of course, but inside I have more hope than ever. I Hope I can help others see the incredible power of wellbeing they have inside of them if only they will wait, be patient, and count on hope catching up to them, which is a step in helping each of us see the power inside us to manifest our own wellbeing.

I salute your inside-out journey to discover your potential in the world as you enjoy your wellbeing. We have each been wonderfully made.