The Brain Fitness and Training Center, LLC

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Amanda Nogle Technologist

The Brain Fitness and Training Center, LLC

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The Brain Fitness and Training Center, LLC

Belton, Missouri

ManDee Nogle, MS, CCC-SLP has worked as a licensed speech and language pathologist for over 10 years in a variety of clinical settings.  After personally experiencing the benefits of Brainwave Optimization in regard to her own struggles with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), and difficulties with sleep and anxiety, ManDee sought to become a Brainwave Optimization provider so that she could bring these same benefits to people struggling with these issues in her community.

The Brain Fitness and Training Center serves a variety of clients in all age groups seeking improved attention, memory, mood, and sleep.  Many clients come to the Brain Fitness and Training Center due to their struggles with ADD, autism, and Asperger’s Syndrome.  BFTC is also available to help clients who want to enhance and expedite their progress in traditional rehab following stroke and traumatic brain injury.  Upon completion of Brainwave Optimization, clients report improved performance at work and school.  Clients who use Brainwave Optimization in conjunction with traditional therapies for rehab, addictions, and mental health services report faster results and greater ability to follow through and complete recommended treatment programs.

The Brain Fitness and Training Center also enjoys working with adult professionals who wish to increase their performance at work, manage stress, and excel within areas of special interest; such as sports, health and wellness, spirituality, creative writing, and other artistic pursuits.  These clients enjoy an improved ability to attend to and complete tasks, increased creativity and problem solving skills, and report an enhanced capability to manage stress in daily life.

The Brain Fitness and Training Center serves the Kansas City Metro area, with its home office located in the suburb of Belton, MO in the Bank of Belton building on Main Street.

*Independently owned and operated.